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Every week Liberty receive 2 new member enquiries.  Liberty offer vital support and services for both young people and their families.

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Would pay for 20 members to have a hot healthy snack at one of our youth club sessions.

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If 5 people donated £19 a month for 12 months this would fund a term time youth worker for one session per week for 38 weeks. Our youth clubs help build friendships, confidence and bring them together as a group.


Would pay for a home visit to engage a new member and support them in the transition in to a Liberty provision.

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Hear What Our Members Have To Say

Liberty is important to us as a family as it gives many opportunities to our son in an environment where it is suitable for his needs. Liberty is ran by a wonderful team, who make my son feel welcome and it is a place where he knows he fits in. With out Liberty Jaiden wouldn’t be able to participate socially at regular football clubs or any other clubs, as he would find it very difficult mentally and socially.

Liberty looks for the potential in my child, they look for what can be achieved and work to overcome those barriers to ensure they have equal chances like all other children and young people in Staffordshire. This has meant that my son has become more confident, and they experience life with more independence.

Liberty have enabled my son to form friendships and to enjoy an active social life in a safe and supportive environment. We are amazed at the extensive opportunities which Liberty work tirelessly to provide. The benefit of attending Liberty for my son has been immeasurable in terms of developing self- confidence and self- esteem. It is truly heart-warming to see him engaged in such a range of activities like other typical young people and it provides much needed respite and peace of mind that he is being supported and cared for in such a professional yet caring way.

Becoming a new Trainee Youth Worker with Liberty Staffordshire has been incredible for my daughter as she never believed that she could achieve getting a job like this. My daughter has moderate learning difficulties and dyslexia, and is being assessed for autism. She always struggled with her self esteem and self belief and, for many years found it difficult to even voice her opinions. This contributed to her feeling anxious and depressed and suffering from bouts of anger. However, this position has given her a real sense of worth and she is truly grateful and happy to get up in the morning and go into Liberty. It has really turned her life around and given her a wonderful future to look forward to.

Liberty is my family – without them I would have no friends and would just sit at home sad all day

I love being part of the football team – I have never played in a team before. Im so happy to belong

I love coming to youth club and being with my friends

The best thing about Liberty is the trips they put on – I’ve done so much fun stuff